Sunday, 22 October 2017

Music on Sunday; The Narcissist's Playlist

Echo and Narcissus -John William Waterhouse

Poor Echo was neglected by Narcissus. The handsome boy despised everybody; all the nymphs and young men living in the wood. Echo never had her own voice, but she kept repeating what the others were saying… another victim of Narcissus’ cruelty, Nemesis, prayed to Zeus for Narcissus to fall in love with somebody who was always out of reach. And the prayer was answered; Narcissus fell in love with his own image mirrored in the water spring, and eventually died of thirst, hunger and lack of sleep. Eventually he fell into the river and metamorphosed into the beautiful yellow flower we all know at spring time. What we are not familiar with is that Echo had to go on living in the caves forever, as a skin and bones woman, left only with her voice, repeating the last letters or tune of the words or music she was listening to .

Just this week we had a course on psychiatric aflictions; Narcissistic behaviour was one of them so when I saw Spinditty's playlist it was an easy choise for this week's theme. 

Proud as a peacock, the narcissist struts his stuff. He demands to be center stage in attention. But he'll peck your eyes out if you don't watch out.
If you've ever dated, loved, or worked with a narcissist, his or her memory has been seared upon you like a bad tattoo. Narcissists are all about
- self-aggrandizement
- entitlement and
- ruthlessness.
Narcissism involves a sense of entitlement and manipulation of others for one's own purposes. Narcissists often come across as arrogant and self-absorbed.

Needless to say I have had my own share of having to deal with a person with narcissm in my life.... *been there, done that*

Friday, 20 October 2017

Art on Friday; Louis Janmot

Anne-François-Louis Janmot (21 May 1814 – 1 June 1892) was a French painter and poet.
He belonged to the Lyon school of painting, characterized by idealistic and mystical tendencies similar to those of the Nazarenes and the Pre-Raphaelites. His Christian beliefs, which are very apparent in his art, were strongly influenced by neo-Catholic apologists. From 1831 Janmot studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. In 1833 he went to Paris, where he became a student of Victor Orsel at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He also attended Ingres's studios in Paris and Rome. His technique was deeply indebted to Ingres, but emotionally and intellectually he was more closely allied with Delacroix, whose enthusiasm for the literature of Dante and Shakespeare he shared. Janmot's style combined the precision of Ingres with the meditative devotion of Orsel. His predilection for heraldic compositions, based on symmetry and repetition, his use of profile and flattened form and his luminous colour were all influenced by a love of such early Italian painters as Giotto and Fra Angelico. Janmot's style has much in common with that of fellow Lyonnais and pupil of Ingres, Hippolyte Flandrin.


 Poème de l' âme 14; Sur la Montagne

Poème de l'âme 15: Un Soir

Poème de l'âme 13: Rayons de soleil

Fleur des champs

Poem of the Soul - First communion

© KH

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Wednesday Wisdom; Letting go

Vandaag is het zover; vandaag gaat hij echt het huis uit. Het zg. half-lege nest gevoel overspoeld me meer dan ik had gedacht op het moment. Ik dacht eerst wekenlang dat het nu toch echt wel tijd zou worden. Hij was er meer niet dan wel maar wel was achterlatend en zijn kamer a mess! 
En dan is het nu toch echt zover. Ik weet nu wat mijn vader gevoeld moet hebben toen hij 30 jaar geleden terug reed naar huis na mijn spullen verhuisd te hebben. Volgens mijn moeder huilde hij de hele weg terug. Niet alleen omdat hij toen al vond dat ik een verkeerde keuze maakte door bij de man te gaan wonen waar ik gek op was denk ik. Zijn oudste dochter vloog uit. Hij was net zo'n binnenvetter als ik, beiden wel emotioneel maar proberen het zo lang mogelijk binnen te houden. 

Letting go ain't easy, maar het komt wel goed. Met mij is het ook goed gekomen. Met hem zal het ook goed komen. Als ik iets geleerd heb dan is het dat als je dingen los laat ze juist goed komen. Ik heb hem de tools meegegeven om op eigen benen te staan en het is aan hem om ze te gebruiken. 
Het is aan mij om hem ook echt los te laten en te laten leren om op eigen benen te staan. 
Onze rollen worden anders, onze relatie zal anders worden al zal die niet minder hecht worden naar ik hoop.
Alles sal reg kom. 

© KH 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Music on Sunday; harmony

I always liked a song with great harmony in it. It al started in the 70s when Queen was top of the bill, but even now I like to listen to bands who sing in harmony. My youngest son has, like me, a very diverse taste in music and he pointed out some songs he listened too and I didn't even think off! (and vice versa I might add)

So I hope you will enjoy these songs I picked for today;

© KH

Friday, 13 October 2017

Art on Friday; Anne-Louis Girodet

Anne-Louis Girodet, original name Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy, in full (after 1806) Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson (born January 29, 1767, Montargis, France—died December 9, 1824, Paris), painter whose works exemplify the first phase of Romanticism in French art. 

selfportrait 1795

The Funeral of Atala 1808

Scene of the Flood 1806

Pygmalion and Galatea 1819

Aurora and Cephalus 1810

Madame Lange as Venus 1798

Autumn 1799

Mademoiselle Lange as Danaë, 1799

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