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It seems like I keep writing these kind of blogs for as long as I'm writing blogs. If one reads back at my older (Dutch) blogs I'm always struggling with myself, with letting go, with anxiety issues.
With feeling truely free of all burden and stress because isn't that what we all really are after?

The last days/week(s) I've had this feeling again: What it is, I really can't say. It's not that 'stone on my stomach' kind of feeling I've had before, no this time the stone rests higher. More on my chest. Plus there's an uncomfortable nagging (not even a pain) in my side, just below my rib on the left side. Of course I started Googling. I always do. One does not feel happy while Googling on these matters! You really start feeling ill doing that! Not only do you start thinking like you have a heart condition but also you're starting to worry you might have a whole lot more!
Speaking of anxiety!

It says there that women in there (early) menopause …

Music on Sunday: What's on your Ipod/Iphone?

Today I got some kind of challenge on Twitter:

And yes you can tell a lot about a person's choise in music.
My list was not so bad I thought! Besides that Benedict's voice was in between the music reading audio books (mostly Sherlock) the list was a mix from old to new and back again.

The first 20 on my shuffle list: I will pick some randomly to put on today's blog:

I love Dido! She my favorite female singer. She makes me happy whenever I'm sad or angry, every time. Therefore there's a lot of her on my Iphone. :)

I love Rapalje, a Dutch Folk band. I've been to a lot of their performances. It's Scottish/Irish, a lot of the things I love! Their clothing, the way they perform I love it all. It makes me miss Scotland even more or a little less...

My taste in music is very divers. I love listening to classic rock but older disco as well. And Justin Timberlake. :)

I've heard people say that nobody likes Nickelback, especially women. Well I've always been …

Quotes and Pics 133, You

© KH

Art on Friday, woman in painting in the Renaissance

There have been a lot of paintings of women over the years. Women have been an inspiration, a muse, for many painters. In any century but maybe even more so in the Renaissance.

In this blog some of the beautiful portraits of these women.

Ideal portrait of a lady-Sandro Botticelli

Portrait of a young woman-Angelica Kauffman

A la recherchedu temps perdu-Charles-Amable Lenoir

Young Woman of Pompeii on a Terrace-Guillaume Seignac

Portrait of a Young Woman-Antonio del Pollaiuolo

Ginevra de' Benci-Leonardo da Vinci

the Lady with the Unicorn-Raphael

© KH

Scotland: Hebrides

It's no secret that I'm in love with Scotland. In my blog I want to tell more about it, show more pics of the beautiful nature of the country. But most of all, maybe, just maybe the hurting will ease off a bit. That nagging sensation of missing that lovely country so damn much. Not a chance in hell I'll bet but who knows!
I'm not all knowing so I have to search and write what I find from other sites here and there, I'm sure you'll understand. 

This time the Hebrides. Most likely Neil Oliver can tell you much more and better about it, but I'll give it a go shall I?
I've never even been to the Hebrides you must know first of all. Only to Skye and only twice for one lousy day. But that was an experience I'll never forget. It's so different on the ilands. The light is different, the whole atmosphere is different than on the mainland. You just have to feel it for yourself one day.


The Hebrides comprise a widespread and diverse archipelago off …

Music on Sunday, Song lyrics quotes

Yesterday my quotes and pics blog was about song lyrics. Today the music from those quotes:

One of my favs.. When hub and I went to the Coldplay concert with my sis a few years ago, and they perfomed this song, thousands and thousands of butterflies came down from the ceiling! Even now I get chills all over just thinking about it!

This is the original song, I first got to know it from the 80's cover of Paul Young. But really, this one gets to me every time:

I just love The Beatles. There's no denying it. I must have heard them as a kid but they split when I was 3! So how would I know, right?! As a teen I had a few Beatles albums and a Mono record player. Always wondered what was wrong with those songs! :) But liked them none the less! It wasn't until a few years ago that I really started to listen to them and loving them more and more! They're good! My eldest son is playing the guitar and I conviced him to play some Beatles songs. He started to like them and finds it …

Quotes and Pics 132, song lyrics quotes

© KH

Letting go and trust

In my former scribbles in Dutch I've written a lot of these sort of blogs: mindfulness ones, or blogs about self reflection or trying to change myself. But I think it's good to keep on writing about it, to keep on trying to let go, to change for the better. Time and time again. Especially if certain things keep bothering you; I find it helpful to write them down.

Last Saturday I had a row with my 19 year old son about his life really. One can say; well it's his life. But I'm his mum I worry. Mum's do don't they? They tend to worry about their children. My mum still does about me. She always says; 'Small children small worries, big children big worries' and I think she's quite right.  Son has a new girlfriend and without getting into details about it, it was quite a discussion. 

I'm divorced from his dad for 8 years now and most of the raising I do on my own. Every bit of normal contact is non existing between his dad and me. That's a shame …

Music on Sunday: Birds

Birds in songs titles there are a lot of them. And because I love birds today birds in songs:

I do like the Seal version of that song as well by the way:

And even though I know it's not about an actual blackbird I love this song, one of my favorite Beatles' songs:

Paul McCartney wrote this about the civil rights struggle for blacks after reading about race riots in the US. He penned it in his kitchen in Scotland not long after Little Rock, when the federal courts forced the racial desegregation of the Arkansas capital's school system. McCartney told Mojo magazine October 2008: "We were totally immersed in the whole saga which was unfolding. So I got the idea of using a blackbird as a symbol for a black person. It wasn't necessarily a black 'bird', but it works that way, as much as then you called girls 'birds'; the Everlys had had Bird Dog, so the word 'bird' was around. 'Take these broken wings' was very much in my mind, b…

Quotes and Pics 131, long wise quotes

© KH

Art on Friday: Edward Burne Jones

Sir Edward Burne Jones(Birmingham, 28 augustus 1833 – Fulham, 17 juni 1898) was a British artist and designer closely accosiated with the later phase of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. In addition to painting and stained glass, Burne-Jones worked in a variety of crafts; including designing ceramic tiles, jewellery, tapestries, mosaics and book illustrations.
 the tree of forgiveness
 the last sleep of Arthur in Avalon

 Sleeping beauty
 The Garden Court
 The Mirror of Venus
 The Wedding of Psyche

The Golden Stairs
Stainded Glass Nativity
Kelmscott illustration. Illustration to William Morris' A Dream of John Ball. 
© KH

Music on Sunday, Pinkpop

My kids are on their way to Pinkpop festival. A yearly rock/pop festival on White Sunday (In Dutch: Pinksteren hence the word Pink-pop) They really wanted a three day ticket because the Rolling Stones played on Saturday, but unfortunately those tickets where all sold out in half an hour ! We tried believe me! ;) But the line up for today is not so bad either, Robert Plant (Ex-Led Zeppelin), Limp Bizkit, Ed Sheeran, Editors!

Here are some of the Pinkpop's history clips, it's almost as if we're there today, without the expected thunderstorms that is! 

the kids are seeing Editors today as well! My eldest son saw them last year in Hungary at a festival and phoned me during their show to let me hear them live! :)

I love Snow Patrol:

Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Editors, my fav 3 bands, and sons share most of my taste in music :) :

Don't you just love that community singing!

I have seen the Rolling Stones ones, the last time they were in The Netherlands. :) It's a shame th…

Quotes and Pics 130, Nature

© KH