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Art on Friday; Autumn in art

I'm a huge autumn lover so today autumn in art;

Claude Monet-Autumn Effect at Argenteuil
Thomas Cole-Catskill Mountain House
Sir John Everett Millais-Autumn leaves
Leonid Afremov-Autumn walk
Vincent van Gogh-Autumn landscape with four trees
This is one of my favorite (autumn) painters:
John Grimshaw-Evening Glow
Arthur Rackham-Autumn Fairies from Peter Pan by JM Barrie
Gustav Klimt-The Birch wood
© KH

Music on Sunday; Easy

Last night the clock has set back to wintertime again and for me personally that's an adjustment. My biological clock doesn't listen to Daylights savings time and for me they can do without that nonsence all together! So I need some calm music to start this day, after a slow walk in the forest which I had already very (very) early this morning.

Have a nice relaxing Sunday!

© KH

Quotes and Pics 149; Funny quotes

© KH

Karma is a bitch

When I got divorced I really thought the father of my children and I would be friends. Or try to be anyway. That obviously didn't work out and we ended up really disliking each other to put it mildly. He said things about me to other people and I did the same. Of course that's really wrong especially when there are kids in the middle of it all. So after a while I noticed that it caused more stress to my son(s) (and me) than it helped to relieve my 'dislike' of the man. I stopped being a bitch about their dad all the time. Of course I have my thoughts about his fatherhood or rather lack of it, but I keep it to myself.

A week ago my mum called me on the phone with some rather 'shocking' news; to me anyway. She told me she had met a man after being a widow for 11 years and always saying to my sis and me she'd never want another man after my dad had passed. There would never be another one like him anyway, someone who was that good of a man (her words). She wa…

Music on Sunday; Eargasms

Sometimes music is not only nice, or beautiful but it sends chills up and down your spine and leaves you breathless; they're called eargasms. I want to share some of my eargasms with you this morning. Just a few of the many songs I have on my YouTube and Spotify and Itunes list;

Tom Smith's voice is so gorgeous...

Sting will always be my first love; his voice will always soothe me

Maybe my eargasm list is a bit average but there are so many songs to choose from; too many really maybe I need another eargasm blog. ;) But many Coldplay songs are eargasm songs to me and this one especially;

Definitely an eargasm;

And finally last but certainly not least; this fabulous man who makes me cry still after all this time;

© KH

Quotes and Pics 148

© KH

Music on Sunday; birds

This morning as we were walking our Sunday walk with the dog I thought of this Sunday's music blog. It was foggy and all around us the birds started their songs. So today some songs about birds:

This one is one of my favorites:

I love this song:

Such a beautiful song:

© KH

Quotes and Pics 147; Falling for Fall

© KH


Your mind is a dangerous thing. It takes you places you sometimes don't want to go. Or you think things are worse than they are. Or are they?
A friend of mine hasn't been in touch for a long time and she was a very dear one, close to my heart. All of a sudden I find myself in all kind of scenarios. It's all my fault anyway or other women who used to be friends but aren't anymore are saying things to her about me that aren't true obviously and I can't defend myself.

Why does a brain do that? Why does a brain lead you to these thoughts? You clearly don't want to think like that! It's not healthy, you feel sad and anxious and it doesn't bring you closer to a solution. The constant over-analyzing brings self-doubt and more anxiety and stress in your life and body. It's just hard sometimes to get it out of your head.

One way to stop all the overthinking is to accept that you're doing just that. Acceptance is a first step.
So is forgiveness; forgi…

Music on Sunday; Max Richter

For years now I love listening to the works of the composer Max Richter. One piece in particular brings me literally to tears, each and every time I'm listening to it. But of course there are more wonderful pieces than that one. I can let you listen to all kind of classical composers but why not to one of this generation who's work is so moving and (a) classic(al) in every sense of the word.

I hope you enjoy listening to these gems as much as I do: 

This one brings me to tears every time: (I found out later it was also the soundtrack for the film Shutter Island)

He is such a genius! Just listen to this... I just love this!

the Master himself at work

© KH

Quotes and Pics 146; Wise Buddhist quotes

© KH