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Quotes and Pics 167, Classic book quotes

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Art on Friday, War of the Roses; Edward IV

Edward IV
King of England 1461–70 and from 1471. He was the son of Richard, Duke of York, and succeeded Henry VI in the Wars of the Roses, temporarily losing his throne to Henry when Edward fell out with his adviser Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. Edward was a fine warrior and intelligent strategist, with victories at Mortimer's Cross and Towton in 1461, Empingham in 1470, and Barnet and Tewkesbury in 1471. He was succeeded by his son Edward V.

Edward was known as Earl of March until his accession. After his father's death he occupied London 1461, and was proclaimed king in place of Henry VI by a council of peers. His position was secured by the defeat of the Lancastrians at Towton 1461 and by the capture of Henry. He quarrelled, however, with Warwick, his strongest supporter, who in 1470–71 temporarily restored Henry, until Edward recovered the throne by his victories at Barnet and Tewkesbury.

Edward IV
 Elizabeth Woodville
Elizabeth in her coronation robes

Secret Ma…

Stay weird, Stay different

The above strong message was given in an Oscar acceptance speech by Graham Moore who won an Oscar last Sunday for best adapted screenplay. He wrote the screenplay for the Imitation Game. It was a heartfelt speech which stayed with me. Not only because it was the one Oscar for a film that needed more recognition in my eyes, but because there are so many people in the world who are struggling with being different, and who are being labled 'weird'.

In schools these days teachers can't cope with all the kids who are different. They need children who can walk in the same pace. Or even better; children who are better at achieving something. The better you are in achieving the better it is in the schools these days. At least here in the Netherlands it is my experience.
My sons always were normal children, until they had to perform in school. Had to is the right word here because teachers weren't looking at what a kid can do, kids were pushed to perform and do the same things…

Music on Sunday; Academy Awards Best Score 2015

And the Oscar goes to...
Well for best actor and best film I want The Imitation Game to win with Benedict Cumberbatch as best actor of course but when it comes to best score Alexandre Desplat has two chances of getting the gold man in his hands tonight. Once for the Imitation Game and the other for the Grand Budapest Hotel.
Who are the other contestants and who do you think deserves the Oscar for best score at the Academy Awards tonight?
Judge for yourself:

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Quotes and Pics 166

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Art on Friday; War of the Roses, Henry VI

Henry VI
Henry VI was King of England from 1422, son of Henry V. He assumed royal power 1442 and sided with the party opposed to the continuation of the Hundred Years' War with France. After his marriage 1445, he was dominated by his wife, Margaret of Anjou. He was deposed 1461 in the Wars of the Roses; was captured 1465, temporarily restored 1470, but again imprisoned 1471 and then murdered.

Henry was eight months old when he succeeded to the English throne, and shortly afterwards, by the death in 1422 of his maternal grandfather, Charles VI, he became titular king of France. Unlike his father, Henry was disinclined to warfare, and when Joan of Arc revived French patriotism the English gradually began to lose their French possessions. By 1453 only Calais remained of his father's conquests.

The unpopularity of the government, especially after the loss of the English conquests in France, encouraged Richard, Duke of York, to claim the throne, and though York was kill…

Music on Sunday, Love

Because it was Valentine's day yesterday some Love songs today. Normally I don't like those so much but there are some I really love! Here are some wonderful examples:

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Quotes and Pics 165, Valentine's Day Love quotes

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Art on Friday, War of the Roses, Henry V

Henry V

Henry was a cold and ruthless soldier, respected by contemporaries as a chivalric warrior. Determined to revive the war in France, his invasion of 1415 was impressively organized but his siege of Harfleur took too long, reducing his intended grand chevauchée (raid through enemy territory) to a reckless dash to Calais. Although his tiny, bedraggled army was cut off by a superior French force, it achieved a surprising victory at Agincourt. When Henry returned it was with serious intent to reduce Normandy, which he did, including a long, bitter siege of Rouen. Military pressure on Paris ensured the favourable Treaty of Troyes in 1420, making him heir to the French throne, but he contracted dysentery conducting the siege of Meaux.
Wooing of Henry V-Engraved by W. Greathbach after a painting by W. F. Yeames.
 Battle of Agincourt

King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt, 1415, by Sir John Gilbert.
 Henry V marries Catherine de Vallois
Catherine de Vallois
Henry V tomb in Westminst…

Accidents will happen

Accidents will happen or as we say in Dutch ' een ongeluk zit in een klein hoekje'.
Last Sunday I thought I just go upstairs to the attic where we dry the laundry in winter and fetch it but when I went to go down I fell... First the laundry basket fell then I followed it soon after. I yelled (or I must have yelled) and I was down on the ground. My eldest son found me there as I was blocking the bathroom door for my hub who was inside and couldn't get out to help me. I must have been 'out'  for a minute or so and my son said 'mum there's blood under your head'.
'Nah' I said 'can't be'
I got up (I know I shouldn't do that) but I was sore all over. I saw the blood, not a little, no quite a lot, and asked my son for a towel as I just had washed my hair, it was still laying on the bed.
Son pressed the towel on my head and helped me get downstairs so hub could get out the bathroom.
To make a long story  short; the ambulance came, they…

Quotes and Pics 164, Buddhist quotes

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