Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I don't like Summer especially when there's a heatwave coming like this week. But the one thing I do like in Summer is watching tennis and most of all Wimbledon. Yesterday it started of and in the beginning it's all tennis all afternoon and evening long! What a treat!

Today my favourite is on; Roger Federer. I do hope they won't have too much heat problems over there though.
I never liked watching sports much but somehow tennis is something else.
Only the women's tennis is too much moaning for my taste but I can watch it and tweet with others while watching, for hours on end.

Enjoy if you're watching too!

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Music on Sunday, Summer Classics

It's Summer, tomorrow Wimbledon starts (the one thing I do follow when it comes down to sports) everything is at a stand still it seems. The weather is warm getting on hot even starting next week (not my thing) so let's easy in to it with some classical Summer tunes this Sunday..

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Art on Friday, Art Nouveau

For no reason other than I feel like it, today some Art Nouveau painters just at random.

Henri Bellery-Desfontaines-Enigme (1898)
Janis Rozentāls-Mother and Child

Raphael Kirchner-Sun women

Lucien Levy-Dhurmer-Eve (1896)

Sydney Long-The Spirit of the Plains

Alphonse Mucha-4 times of day

Margaret Macdonald Macintosh-White rose red rose

Galileo Chini - mural (part)

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

It's not all that black and white, or is it?

It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White - Michael Jackson

For a long time I thought I didn't want to say anything about this on my blog but after watching this vid on Tumblr just now I just had too. I'm appalled by seeing how this is still the case in for instance the USA. How white people who are destroying property or misbehaving aren't called thugs but black people having a peaceful demonstration are. Watch this clip and judge for yourself;

I believe firmly that we are not black or white or other colours. We are one race, we are the human race! I do not discriminate on colour, beliefs, sexual preference or what ever. We live on this planet together we should all make something of it, in peace and harmony! Live and let live.

Sometimes at work I come at clients homes where the client is discriminating and even though they are old people I always tell them that they don't have the right to. They knew what war was, they were glad they got saved that it was finally over. They always tell me that after they built up the country the Turkish people came and 'took over their jobs'. No they did not! They came because the Dutch people felt they were too good to do the dirty work and those people were needed to do those jobs! Don't whine now that they are here, they worked damn hard to be here and have every right to! I absoluty can't stand discrimination.

The footage in that vid where the young boys trash the private property happens here too after footbal matches sometimes. I have always told my sons that if I here about them trashing things or stealing or thughing I will hand them over to the police myself! I do believe that a large part of that behaviour is due to pampering of those kids. When we were teens our parents were a lot stricter than the parents nowadays.
What if the parents today would actually go back to being parents again instead of being 'friends' of their offspring and stop pampering them? Wouldn't that be part of solving a lot of problems?

What do you think?

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Couch Potato

Of course I knew it allready and one look at my body says it all; I am sitting way too much. But new studies have proven that too much sitting can give you all kind of illnesses. Like what; well mental illness for one. I never knew that one!

We all are sitting our lives away; it is bad for our health and even our life expectancy.
Researchers have reported that sitting for long hours is linked to:

  • Worse mental health
  • A higher risk of death from heart disease and other causes
  • A higher risk of being disabled
Dear god, if they want to scare me they are succeeding!
But wait, there's more:

The new studies add even more weight (funny) to earlier research suggesting that too much sitting is bad -- even if you get regular exercise. 

Experts say they still don't know for sure which comes first. Does too much sitting trigger poor health, or is it the other way around?
They also say we may need to think about sitting and exercise as two separate behaviors, each contributing on its own to our health. So while that 1-hour jog is great for you, it may not undo the 8 hours sitting at your desk.

Great, I don't exercise at all! I'm going to die... I'm obese as it is and a huge couch potato. After work (not at a desk) I'm glad I can put my feet up to be honest! Exercise too? I know I should but I don't.

Too much sitting has been linked to cardiovascular events like heart attack, heart disease death, overall death, and death from cancer.
Sitting time has also been linked with high blood pressure, obesity, bad cholesterol, and too much belly fat.

So even though I have not a sitting job, how can I reduce sitting or if you do have a sitting job how can you reduce it?

  • Use a standing desk at work. More workplaces are warming to the idea, she says.
  • Give yourself reminders to sit less. At home, consider a TV commercial your signal to get out of your chair briefly. At work, use a smaller coffee cup or glass so your trips for refills will be more frequent.
  • Change social norms. At a meeting, you might explain, "I am going to take a standing break

 After reading all this I think I will start with walking again, starting tonight!

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Music on Sunday, Funky/Jazzy music

Lately I listen a lot to one of the music stations here in the Netherlands that airs funky jazzy music; Sublime FM it's called. It makes me dance in my seat or want me to get up and dance, which is a good thing I think. It's happy, upbeat music. So today, Father's Day, which is mostly a sad day for those who don't have a dad anymore like me, I thought; let's play some funky beats and dance. God knows we need it!

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Art on Friday, William Morris

William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist. Associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement, he was a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production. His literary contributions helped to establish the modern fantasy genre, while he played a significant role in propagating the early socialist movement in Britain. He had close friendships with Pre-Raphaelite artist.

I especially love his wallpapers, I could only spend a whole blog on those gorgeouse textiles alone! 

Flora, Merton Abbey tapestry

A Book of Verse by William Morris

Detail from The Forest, William Morris and Co.

De Morgan Tile, by William Morris and William De Morgan.

  The woodpecker


 beautifully drawn by William Morris

'Trellis' woodblock printed wallpaper, by William Morris, England, 1864. 

© KH  

Monday, 15 June 2015


As long as I can remember I am somewhat larger than average. Only after I had kids I became overweight and when my former marriage went downhill I became obese. I had to hear from a lot of people that I really had to do something about it, especially people who are close to me and who say they don't mean anything by it only mean well... Sure, they mean well but people reminding you constantly is a big pain in the you know what!
I do know myself I'm overweight thank you very much!

A few years ago I did go on a diet. I took those shakes twice a day. God I was starving but I did it anyway. Sure I was losing weight, but one day it stopped and I didn't lose anymore. I could slowely start eating regularly again and that's when it started to happen; my body wasn't used to getting much food or fat anymore and every time I ate something that was prepared with oil or butter it started to become upset. My gall bladder was infected and had to be removed in the hospital. Well that's dieting for you, I thought. The friend who did this with me had to undergo the same proceding two months later. Eversince then I have a bigger stomach/fatter one. Never had it before. I've heard people say who had the same that it comes from the operation.

Last week I spoke to someone who is on a diet. She lost 3 kilos already. She reacted not very happy to be honest, more a bit cranky. Maybe it was as a reaction to my reaction, I don't know, I just can't understand why people who are on a diet always have to go on and on about it, and convince others to do the same. Do we need convincing, I wonder?
She couldn't eat all kinds of things, no bread, not oils, no this or that. I had to read the book she said so I did read the first chapter and knew it really wasn't for me. 'Sure, don't even try' she said angrily to me. It made me wonder why it is that people (most of them not even that big or fat) who are on a diet always feel the need to convince other (obese or fat people) that they have to do this or that diet as well. You can't even say that it's proven that diets don't work, that sweetners are bad for you, that Aspartame is by FAR the most dangerous sweetner you can use! NO they bite your head off (Probably cause of the hunger) and you are wrong and they're not. Weeks from now those kilos they've lost are probably already on them again. Diets never work! My own mother is dieting her whole life. Why? Because it doesn't work!

Yes I am obese, yes it is unhealthy. But I don't need you to tell  me that! I know! I feel it! I have issues I need to figure out for myself, I don't need people to tell me I have to get help for that, I won't. I know I won't. Besides, I am healthy, my bloodwork showed I am. A lot of times thin people are more unhealthy than fat ones with diabetes or high cholesterol of blood pressure.
I went to a dietician once and she said they won't work on me unless I seek help with a psychologist or something and I know I won't do that. Maybe some day, but not now.
The fact that I'm obese does not give people the right to tell me I should do this or that diet as well. It does not give people the right to be angry at me if I decline. It is my life, my body, my decision.
Whether it's family or not, I really do not care!
People should mind their own diets, not force others on one too!

© KH

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Music on Sunday, Rumours about Paul McCartney's death in songs

Last week Sir Paul McCartney performed in the Netherlands. I didn't go but I heard the prices of the tickets were very high! There was a time where there were rumours that Paul McCartney was dead, fed by the Beatles themselves? If you're interested why they thought that at the time, you can read here why.

Listen yourself;

Friday, 12 June 2015

Art on Friday, Summer

Finally an Art on Friday blog again! Even though I don't think there are people reading it, I truely missed it!
Today it's a hot Summer's day so I want to show some famous paintings about Summer;

Frank Weston Benson-Summer 1900

 Claude Monet-Woman with parasol

 Georges Seurat - Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte

Edouard Manet-Le déjeuner sur l'herbe 

 Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Boating On the Seine Pierre

 John William Waterhouse-Sweet Summer

Alfred de Breanski-A Devonshire Garden

Gustav Klimt-Farm Garden with sunflowers

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