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Music on Sunday; Crooners

A crooner is an American epithet given to male singers of jazz standards, mostly from the Great American Songbook, either backed by a full orchestra, a big band or by a piano.

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Quotes and Pics 206, favourite quotes of friends

Today some favourite quotes of some of my online friends from over the world;

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Art on Friday; The Lady Of Shalott

There are a lot of paintings on the Lady of Shalott, but who was she? She was a mythical lady from the Arthurian period, locked away in a tower in Camelot and a topic for many a painting. Here the poem by Tennyson; and after that different paintings of the lady herself.
The Lady of Shalott (1832) By Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Part I On either side the river lie Long fields of barley and of rye, That clothe the wold and meet the sky; And thro' the field the road runs by        To many-tower'd Camelot; The yellow-leaved waterlily The green-sheathed daffodilly Tremble in the water chilly        Round about Shalott.
Willows whiten, aspens shiver. The sunbeam showers break and quiver In the stream that runneth ever By the island in the river        Flowing down to Camelot. Four gray walls, and four gray towers Overlook a space of flowers, And the silent isle imbowers        The Lady of Shalott.
Underneath the bearded barley, The reaper, reaping late and early, Hears …

Treasures of Britain; cemeteries

Brookwood, Woking, Surrey
I don't know why but I'm crazy about old cemeteries. Especially those in Great Britain. The old (sometimes very old) gravestones tell each their very own story. The lovely statues, angels, crosses and others... I just don't know what it is that makes me want to go there everytime I'm across the canal. So today just some impressions of those lovely little gems.

Iona Abbey, Scotland Duncan, the Scottish king murdered by Macbeth in 1140, is reputed to be buried here, along with 47 other Scottish kings and a number of Scottish saints. 
 Angels at the Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol
 Highgate cemetery London
Highgate Cemetery London
 Grave of Dante Gabriel Rossetti; All Saints Birchington, Kent
I've been here, a grave not befitting of a King... sad
King Arthur's grave, Glastonburry Abbey
St Cuthbert's Churchyard Edinburgh
St Cuthberth's Edinburgh
St Paul's Cathedral London
St Paul's Cathedral, London
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Music on Sunday; Powerful Classical pieces

It's been awhile since I've posted Classical music; this week I was listening a lot to classical music again so for this Sunday some of the music I listened too; Enjoy.

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Quotes and Pics 205

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Art on Friday; James Collinson

James Collinson 1825–1881 was one of the original members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB) in 1848, but he left it in 1850 because he felt it was incompatible with his Roman Catholic faith and in 1852 began training to be a Roman Catholic priest. Another change of heart followed, and in 1854 he returned to painting.

The empty purse
Home again
landscape with a windmill
Mother and child by a Stile, with Culver Cliff, Isle of Wight, in the Distance
 Holy Family

The Renunciation of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary

 To Let
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Treasures of Britain; Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey is England’s most beautiful ruin. Deliberately built in a remote valley by Cistercian monks, it was originally a virtually self-sufficient community.
Like 839 other monasteries, friaries and nunneries, Rievaulx was suppressed by Henry VIII in the 1530s, but its remote position meant that much of its stonework still stands. It is easy to forget what a big role monasteries played in medieval society, and the Cistercian houses of Yorkshire were responsible for developing a style of building with pointed arches that we call Gothic.
This spread to become the dominant architectural style of Britain for 300 years.

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Thou shalt not kill

After the terrorist attacks on Paris last Friday everyone is talking about it. What to do, how to react, can we still go out and do the things we love like going to concerts and games? Last night the football match Germany-the Netherlands was cancelled because of a threat. Is it still safe? Most people even the ones who have lost loved ones are saying they are not letting IS terrorise them further, they will not respond in hate.

Those terrorist say they do this out of God's name. God has made mankind in his image, if you believe this kind of thing. There would never be any kind of God who would allow his image to be shot to pieces simply because some choose to interpret what is written in some book ages ago, in an other way as other people.
Whether you read the Bible, Koran or Torah, in all of them it says;
Thou shalt not kill.
So how can they justify these killings for themselves? How can they live with themselves? How is it that in their minds the 'thou shalt not kill' h…

Music on Sunday; Paris

When I was a child I grew up with French chansons. It was the 70s and they were more on the radio, my parents liked them and played them more. Other songs came more 'in fashion' here and you only heard an occasional French song but not as much.
But after Friday's attacks on Paris it just seemed appropriate to dedicate my Music on Sunday blog to Paris; French and English songs about the city of light;

the very first song I can recall as a child;

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Quotes and Pics 204, Peace...

I already made some quotes for today, but after last nights horrible events in Paris I made some new ones this morning.. My thoughts are in Paris...

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