Sunday, 31 January 2016

Music on Sunday; New Indie songs

There is a lot of new music but a lot of poppy songs... I'm really not keeping track of all of it anymore. The only thing I've heard it the new Coldplay and Editors song, which I rather liked.
I'm more into the alternative/Indie kind of music lately. So tried to find some new songs in that categorie and of course Coldplay and Editors latest song;

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Studying again

When I was 19 I was fed up with school. I didn't have a professional education but I was done. I didn't know what I wanted anyway so I went to work in all sorts of professions from administration to working in a shop. After a few years when I was married and wanted kids I stopped working. Back then people simply could do that.
Now I work with elderly people helping to clean their homes with them for 9 years already.
After 30 years I decided yesterday that I'm going back to studying.

I always thought of doing something, learning something but the thought of being in a classroom with young kids held me back. Yesterday when I was visiting my sis a client came into her shop and told her about a course she was doing. About elderly people and dementia and other things. She was so very enthusiastic about it that I thought that this was just the thing I had been looking for! It is fitting for my job and maybe one day I can move on from that (you never know with all the cutbacks these days after all) but let's first concentrate on this.

It's a step forward from where I left it off 30 years ago. I always put it off. It would come one day.
I think my dad is doing a happy dance on his cloud in heaven. He wanted more for me and always pushed me to do better and more and I always was reluctant to as a lot of teenagers are. Dad will think I've finally have seen the light. It's never too late I suppose. This is a start anyway.

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Music on Sunday; Melancholy Day

On days like today; gloomy, dark, rainy days, I like listening to music that goes with it. Music that is kind of melancholic in a way. So for today some of my favourites ; Enjoy;

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Adult women with ADHD

When I was about 20 and already living on my own my dad once told me I had MBD after all. It was said like I should have already known that as a fact. I didn't of course. I didn't even know the terminology. My dad explained that when I was 7 there was an article in the newspaper about MBD and that things fell into place for him. He asked the doctor about it; 'Is it possible my daughter could have this?' The doctor answered 'yes it is' and that was that.

MBD stood for Minimal Brain Damage but later they changed that to Disfunction as damage was too severe. MBD is now ADHD.
I was never tested on it but on every rapport card there is a remark like;  She likes watching the birds more than pay attention or something simular. (I still do by the way; like watching birds)
My attention slipped many times, I am loud, at times very insecure,  I do think I have ADHD.

My whole life I've been told not to talk so loudly, not to laugh so hard, not to talk before it's my turn, to sit still, not to... etc.
It's not making you very happy when even at 48 you suddenly hear your family say to you to not talk so loud. I have no idea myself I do that at the time I am doing it but it is also very degrading to hear my loved ones say that to this day.

I have accepted myself for who I am; I'm still working on things but for the most part I've accepted myself.
It does hurt that you can't be yourself, that you have to mind every step you take or everything you say. Or even write because I'm sure that there will be a lot of comment (privately) on this blog. I have chosen to write it anyway; for myself but also for other women with ADHD who are having the same problem; not being able to be yourself even though you're an adult and around family is very hard and is something they need to accept. They are the ones who need to accept you for who you are, that you can't always help being loud, or notice being loud. It doesn't help that they feel the need to put you 'in your place'. They may not see it that way, it certainly feels that way!

Maybe this will help;

Decades of failing to recognize ADHD in girls has created a “lost generation” of women

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Music on Sunday; David Bowie

Of course there's only one possible option for a Music on Sunday blog this week; David Bowie is been on my music mind all week.
I was fortunate enough to see him in 1990 at the Sound & Vision Tour in Nijmegen where I went to with my sister. My memories of David Bowie are not those crazy outfit guy pics so many remember (I'm an 80's girl) but those of the fancy suits and the beautiful blonde hair and always that gorgeous smile. And of course Labyrinth; one of  my favourite films where he was the Goblin king.

Here are some of my favourite songs, together with some pictures;

Live Aid; such a memorable day.

one wonders if these two wonderful people are together once again somewhere;

And finally his Requiem to his fans; 

Thank you David Bowie for my making my childhood better with your music, for that fab concert in 1990, for making me feel better when I needed it.
You will be missed by many!

© KH

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Quotes and Pics 213; Star men

It's been a bad week. First David Bowie then Alan Rickman and others followed but these two have made an impact on my life; each in his own way. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it's happened Dr Seuss said. Still we cry. It hurts; we cry over heroes that helped us through the bad times of our own lives without them even knowing they did. They helped us forget our worries, they made us feel better, heal us. So for this Saturday my quotes are about these great men who helped so many and left us so much. Thank you.

© KH

Monday, 11 January 2016


It's a sad day today. Another hero has past away. David Bowie or David Robert Jones as his real name was, died after 18 months of cancer. It was a shock to me to hear it this morning. I've always admired him, listened to his music, grew up with him really. The film Labyrinth is one of my old time favourites.
I've even been to his Sound and Vision tour when he was in the Netherlands.

There are a few moments in your life when you feel like this; when an icon, a legend dies and you know for a long time where you were at the moment you heard of his or hers passing.
I had it when Freddie Mercury died. I was working in a horrible job at a store with an even more horrible boss when I was on a break and heard the news. I couldn't stop crying.
When Lady Di died I was at my parent's house just getting ready to pack up two small kids to go to an amusment park. All I wanted to do was sit in front of the tv all day and watch the awfull truth but I couldn't spoil their day.
And this morning; I was just finishing breakfast when the DJ of my favourite morning show was telling us David Bowie had died.

It's the shock really; not the fact that someone you admire has died, but how suddenly they have died. Not knowing they have fallen ill and that it's coming. Everyone has to die, but not seeing it coming is what devastates you.
Bowie has celebrated his 69 birthday with a new album. One on which he is singing about his demise. Where he is singing that he is in heaven, that he is dying. That should have given it away right there and yet... it still was/is a shock. It always will if a legend is leaving us.
Here's a thought; the more of these music heroes leave us the more we are being left with the Justin Biebers of this music world... Isn't that a terrifying thought?

David Bowie has closed those gorgeous two coloured eyes. Heroes aren't supposed to die but then again heroes never really do...

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Music on Sunday; Night

I have quite a few online friends I talk to every day from all around the world. The all around the world part makes it a bit difficult to talk to each other at the same time. When one side of the ocean is asleep the other part is awake. But we manage just fine. I'm a morning person so I don't go to bed too late. Sometimes my timeline on social media is flooded with great messages the next day. So for all those wonderful online real friends out there who make life a more wonderful every day, day in day out, this one is for you;

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Changing habits

New Year's resolutions are not for me; I've stopped with those a long time ago. I think if you want to change you can do so every hour of every day. You don't have to wait until the new year to do so. Often those resolutions fail because you really don't want to change anyway. It's expected of you to make changes so you make resolutions.

I started a while back with trying to change my habits. I wasn't happy with how I was feeling. Not only physically but mentally as well. I started eating healthier and with that I'm also feeling better. A few years ago I also started practising Mindfulness. Due to some things in my personal life that influenced the way I was reacting, I let loose of the Mindfulness which I started to feel really. It's not making me happy if I let go of it.
I'm on social media a lot (a thing that makes me happy, with a lot of online friends) but I have found that reacting to negative people (on social media or in real life) doesn't do a lot of good. I need to stop myself before reacting; take a step back, breathe and think 'is it worth the fuss? Is it worth to react to it, to let it get on my nerves?'. If the answer is no (which it usually is) then don't react. 

Life is too short to let people get on your nerves. In real life but also on social media. Life's supposed to be enjoyed. You're the one who can change it, the way you react. Do what feels right. Take away all negativity and start with only to allow the positive in and you will start to feel better. I sure am.

© KH

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Music on Sunday; New

Not so sure how I'm going to fill these Music on Sunday blogs but I want to make a theme of it, maybe word theme's or whatever is in my mind or in my life at that moment. In this New Year I'm starting of with songs about New.. Enjoy;

© KH

Friday, 1 January 2016

Out with the old, in with the new

A new year a new beginning. I never make new year's resolutions but I have decided I will make some changes regarding this blog. I hardly blogged anymore, it felt like I was making 'rounds' with every themed day. It is not how I like to see my blog. I will keep my quotes and music theme but for the rest I will stop that.

As for the resolutions, last year I have started for myself to eat more healthy, to eat differently. The only thing missing for myself is being more mindful, becoming more mindful. Meditating, becoming Zen, however you want to call it. I feel restless a lot of the time, inside. I do want to change that. I do for a long time, it's not necessarily a resolution of sorts.

So for what better way to start fresh this year with a new day a new beginning on working on myself. To better myself as it were. I was doing that a while back or I was trying to anyway but sometimes life throws you back a few steps only to come back stronger and more determind.
I am a firm believer that you can make a new beginning every day, that you don't need a new year for that. But having said that, with a date on your blog posts, it is kind of a journal you're keeping, it is maybe a bit easier to start changing things in a new year.

So hopefully the people reading my blogs will keep doing so even though I am changing my themes. I hope I will have something worth reading for everyone.

I wish everyone a very happy 2016 and may this year bring you peace within.

Love Kati xxx

© KH