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Music on Sunday; Time

It's  not only Easter but also Daylightsavings has started again. Most people who know me also know that I really hate that. I am a morning person so I wake up early and go to bed relatively early. My biological clock won't switch times. So for today's Music on Sunday it's all about time; Enjoy;

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Quotes and Pics 223, Better world

© KH

Don't give in to fear

The world is a scary place. As a child I always was safe, protected by my loving parents, nothing could harm me. They would always have my back. Of course I saw things on the news of the world outside my home which were troublesome and things to worry about. Sometimes my own world wasn't even that happy; I got bullied as a teen. Mum said I could also be down from time to time, sometimes I still am but don't we all have things in our lives that can bring us down?
But all in all I had a happy childhood. I even thought I was having a happy life with (now) ex as well after I moved out my parent's home. I married, got two boys and life was good for a while. Until it wasn't anymore.

It is all behind me and I have moved on but the thing is, should you move on from things that hurt you without a glance back? Or can you look back from time to time and think about it? Shouldn't you just learn from your history by looking back?
First I felt protected by my parents, later ex, …

Music on Sunday; Be Yourself

As I was standing in front of my closet today wondering what I should wear for visiting family; I was again doubting myself; wondering if I was ever going to learn to just be myself. If myself was ever going to be good enough. Not only for myself but for my family as well. They say it is but when I'm there I get remarks like; don't talk so loud, don't laugh so hard, you can be yourself but not so much of yourself, tone it down a bit. How am I ever going to be confident enough when I get comments like that from the people I love the most? If they who know me the best don't even think I'm good as I am....

So today for this Music on Sunday music about being yourself; for a boost for myself and all those who feel like that as well.

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Quotes and Pics 222

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Music on Sunday; Kindness

Today the theme is connected again with yesterday's quotes ; enjoy;

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Quotes and Pics 221, Kindness

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Being Social on Social Media

There used to be a time or at least that is my perception of it; that our country (the Netherlands) was a tolerant country. We were known for our tolerance world wide even. Nowadays with the refugee crisis and social media you really think we've all been the total opposite and not only we Dutch, the whole world is behaving like madmen especially on Social Media! Why is it that when it comes to 'being social' people are the most unsocial they can get?

I am using Facebook and Twitter and of course my blog. I have found online friends via Twitter and other social media that I would never have found elsewhere. I can really say it's my social boost of each day. Every day I talk to my friends on Twitter from all over the world. I have even met some of them in real life and they have become the best of friends. Even my hub I met online through a forum. Nothing wrong with that.
But I have seen a lot of comments from people who think they just are allowed to say just about any…

Music on Sunday; change

Going further with a themed Music on Sunday; this week songs about change. Enjoy;

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Quotes and Pics 220, changing your mindset

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Changing your mindset

In rough times you tend to overthink things, or at least I do that. Which is not healthy for mind and body. You are constantly thinking about what is going wrong in your life, what could go better or worse compare your life with others. 
But is it helpful, does that change your situation? If it cannot be changed why worry over it. Change it or stop the negative thinking, in short let go of the negative feelings and thinking. I'm sure it's much easier said than done. We often are our worst enemies. We have a problem and in our mind we make it much worse than it acctually is. A problem is only a problem if you make it so, when you think it is. Most times it is a lesson to be learned.
By wanting to change things you most times need to change yourself first. When we make changes in ourselves, our circumstances change too. 
Everything happens for a reason; I am a firm believer of that. Plus nothing will go away before you have learned from it. You can ignore it but it will keep com…