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Quotes and Pics 228, Words

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Music on Sunday; Songs inspired by Shakespeare

Yesterday I made the quotes, today the songs that go with it; Enjoy;

From the album 'Nothing like the sun' which is also from Sonnet 130 just like the words 'My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun'

This is Morrissey in all his pretentious glory. The lyrics show the protagonist judging a girl on her literary preferences and on how she mis-quotes Shakespeare.

‘You say: “ere thrice the sun done salutation to the dawn”
And you claim these words as your own
But I’ve read well, and I’ve heard them said
A hundred times, maybe less, maybe more’

The quote here is supposed to be Ratcliff’s lines from Richard III:

‘My lord, ’tis I. The early village cock
Hath twice done salutation to the morn.’ (5.5.163)

She goes on to then quote in the lyrics:

‘You say: “ere long done do does did”
Words which could only be your own
And then you then produce the text
From whence was ripped some dizzy whore, 1804’

As Morrissey suggests, this line seems to be created by the girl in question as they are a …

Quotes and Pics 227, In honour of the great bard

Today is the celebration of Shakespeare's birthday. Historians believe Shakespeare was born on this day in 1564, the same day he died in 1616. So today it's a 400 years 'celebration' of his demise.
In the UK a huge day of course. So for today I made Shakespeare quotes. For tomorrow songs where these Shakespeare quotes are used in. Enjoy;

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Yesterday I was traveling by train to meet my mum for some shopping. After spending a very lovely day together in the sun, shopping, relaxing drinking coffee and having nice talks we each went our separate way again.
When I got to the station and saw I had to wait for at least 20 minutes I sat down on the bench next to a man who started to talk to me as soon as I sat down.

'Rest' he said.
I agreed with him. It had been a long day with a lot of walking.
'You live in this town?' he asked in English.
'No' I said 'I've been shopping here and now about to take the train home again'
'Not far from here?'
'No not far'
'Good' he nodded.
I asked him if he lived in town.
'Yes' he said 'but I fled from my home' he laughed at his own joke 'My wife, she has a lot of people in the house and I just had to go! Too crowded!' He waved his arms around.
I asked him where he was originaly from.
'Somalia' he said '…

Music on Sunday; Songs inspired by poems

Yesterday my quotes and pics blog was about poem quotes; today I was looking for artists who were inspired by poems in their songs. Enjoy;

Robert Plant interpolates on the bridge of this psychedelic tune a couplet from Love is Enough, a poem by Victorian writer-designer William Morris.

Longtime Plant inspiration William Morris (1834-96) is considered the progenitor of the fantasy fiction genre thanks to his revival of medieval texts.

Morris' passion for the medieval also fed his unique style of domestic interior decoration and in 1861 he co-founded a decorative arts company in partnership with the artist Edward Burne-Jones, and the poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The firm provided a complete home design service to their clients dedicated to the principles of medieval craftsmanship. Morris did this in order to counter the mass-produced works of the Industrial Revolution. The firm became highly fashionable and had a profound influence on the decoration of houses into the early …

Quotes and Pics 226, Poem quotes

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Music on Sunday; Fighting your demons

Lately I'm a bit 'fighting' with my inner demons; so today a few songs about fighting or conquering them;

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Quotes and Pics 225

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Music on Sunday; April

Today some songs about the month of April for you; enjoy;

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Quotes and Pics 224, the Wisdom of Pooh

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