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Music on Sunday; songs to quotes

Yesterday I had music song quotes so today the music that goes with it; enjoy

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Quotes and Pics 232 Song quotes

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Social Loneliness

Sometimes I wonder where they all have vanished too; the friends I used to have. Real life friends that is. Nowadays we all have online friends as well; friends we 'talk' to every day on Facebook or Twitter. I have more online friends than real life friends now. In my life I never did have many friends, a handful at a time but it was enough.
They say you change friends every 7 years. It's been nine years now and there haven't been new ones for the ones I lost; the ones that left me hanging after my divorce. The ones that felt I was projecting my hurt on them (which I most certainly was not).

The last of them just stopped contacting me last year. I tried for a long time to keep our contact going but when it is just onesided you stop real quick.
I read an article the other day that people with a lot of social contacts are living longer and that made me worry a little. I have a whole lot of social contacts but I hardly see any of them, I talk to them every day though. Onli…

Music on Sunday; Animals

Since I went to the Zoo last week I thouhgt it fun to have songs with animals in the title as a theme for today;

this is not my genre of music (not that I really have one) normally but I somehow love this song;

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Quotes and Pics 231

Last Tuesday I went to the Zoo with one of my first online friends Melody and so we met finally for the first time. Meeting someone 'in real life' who you already know so long from the internet; in our case blogging, is so familiar, like you have known each other for years. Which is true in a way, only you don't talk about the real things in life with each other online and you can now meeting face to face. She was every bit as wonderful as I thought she was and I'm very glad we finally met in such a beautiful place I might add.

So today I have placed my quotes on photos I made in the Zoo that day; Have a lovely day.

© KH

Music on Sunday; Eurovision 2016

It was a tough one yesterday evening; do I watch The Hollow Crown series with my favourite actor in it (Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III ) or do I watch Eurovision.
Eurovision won and I recorded Hollow Crown to watch over and over again.
Eurovision isn't just any songcontest; it's hard to describe to people outside Europe. But we hardly have to anymore as now even Australia is part of Europe during Eurovision week anyway. The Australians have been the biggest fans of Eurovisions it seems and this year was their second time participating.
So today my favourite performances (and no that is not Poland, some European countries are tone deaf) and let's hear it for the wonderful presenters of the evening as well!

The winner was one of my favourites too;

and finally Petra and Mans again...

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Quotes and Pics 230

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Lacking inspiration

Writing is a thing I love a lot. I was going to do it lots more than I'm doing now. I promised myself I would . But I'm lacking inspiration or as I'm telling myself; I'm lazy. 
A lot of people are making travel plans, write about it cheerfully but with our current financial state we just can't travel or do other things for that matter. It's nothing to be ashamed of, lots of people can't go away but it's something I a saddened about to be honest. I miss to travel to the UK and Scotland. To sniff up other cultures if only for a little while.  But on the other hand I am quite content in my little corner of the world and maybe that's just it; Maybe that's just what I don't need, to be content or having become a stay-at-home.  It is what it is, it has become a very small world indeed, your own little (very safe) corner of the world. For now it's all I need or want and are content with. 

Just a calm excistance is nice. Not the hectic life wit…

Music on Sunday; Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and so here are some songs about mothers; Have a lovely Mother's Day;

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Quotes and Pics 229

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Music on Sunday; Sehnsucht

Yesterday I had Word quotes and the meaning of them. One of them being the word 'Sehnsucht' which is a very difficult word to translate. I love that word and it's meaning, the longing...
I'm not the only one apparently because in classical music the word Sehnsucht is being used as well; just listen to these;

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