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Social media break

Lately I haven't felt all that good, not comfortable in my skin, anxious I've wrote it all down the other day on my blog on menopausal crankiness .
I have snapped at people, online as to  my loved ones, and I was thinking; I always feel I 'have' to do things. I stopped with the 'you have to' bit years ago but not on social media. I'm on various parts of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, you name it. You check in several times a day to see what's new and there hardly ever is anything new. Just the same old same old. People ranting about the crappy weather, which you like but they don't seem to get, people complaining all the time, people judging other people without even trying to understand their perspective. Of course there is some good things; I've met most all my friends online, I even met my hub online. But.... you seem to 'have to' like everything, respond to everything, 'heart' everything, reac…

Music on Sunday; Brexit - say it with a song

Well, it's done, finished... We were all afraid of it and they've done it. Brexit is a fact. Some now say they were misinformed but in this day and age you can get informed yourself if you are willing.
My favourite country in the whole world didn't want out, they wanted in. Scotland is now even considering another referendum on getting their independance again. Good for them!

So today songs about leaving, going and all that. About what I thought was appropriate for this sad decision they made.

Say it with a song;

And for the people who are wanting to leave;

Hopefully it won't all end up in this;

© KH

Quotes and Pics 236; Knowledge

© KH

Menopausal crankiness

I would have never believed it to be true or would dismiss it; I'm not cranky and what if I were? It's not because I'm in menopause (started when I was 39 so for almost 10 years now so what's the big deal?) hell no, I'm doing just fine thank you.
But (as my mum sometimes 'subtly' puts it) I seem to have a history with being down at times. I take things very personally too, can't help it, I have a low selfesteem ever since I was a teen and being bullied for years. (working on that) So when I had a 'thing' at work with coworkers I made it bigger than it was in my head. So big in fact that my health was at risk. My epilepsy was acting up big time which is not a good thing when I'm working at an elderly's home. Thankfully they are only smaller seizures but still very annoying. My mind was working overtime thinking and overthinking why it was that they didn't like me or what I had done wrong. (which was nothing, all in the head)


Music on Sunday; Fantasy themed Classical music

It's been a while since there's been classical music on here so it's time for it again. I thought I would take some pieces out of the long list of really awesome Classical pieces with a fantasy or mythological theme. Fantasy and mythology is the biggest theme in Classical music and it's fairy difficult to choose from but here goes;

I always liked Peter and the wolf in any version but for fans of the late David Bowie; I have found a version of him narrating on Spotify.

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Quotes and Pics 235, being real

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Music on Sunday, Theme Song

This post on Facebook made me think (about it) what my theme song would be; more then one would qualify actually come to think of it. Too many to even choose from;

What's yours?

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Quotes and Pics 234

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Music on Sunday; Summer hits 2016

It's June and even though the weather has been not all that now that the first warm days are finally here people are starting to talk on the radio about which song will be the Summer hit of this year. So I've been searching to which song may stand a change in my view for the title of song of Summer 2016.

The other day I heard some dj talk about the new Summer hit; he thought this year a German song would stand a chance. It's quite catchy indeed;

But I also love Justin Timerlake!

I really don't like Summersongs that much to be honest; most of them (accept Justin) are meaningless one day flies. But some stick like these from the 80s; still one day flies but they stuck.

And some you pick up from holiday abroad; like these two;

© KH

Quotes and Pics 233, words

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I am what I am

All my life people told me the exact oposite of the quote above; I wasn't supposed to speak so loud, not laugh so hard, not be present too much etc etc... I probably have some kind of ADHD but was never tested so people/family everyone put their two cents in to try and mould me into a person they thought was how you should be. Or rather their version of how I should be.

A lot has happened to me along the years, in life I mean. I got bullied over a period of a year or two, three maybe. I was (still am to be honest) a very insecure person. Insecurities are often loud, confidence is silent. People often don't take the time to get to know a person but they do judge them.
When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said I wanted to be a mum. I never knew what kind of profession I wanted; A mum was all I wanted to become. My mum did a pretty good job of it, so why couldn't I become one. Because you don't get paid to be one perhaps.

Kids don't judge …