Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Wednesday Wisdom; I owe you nothing

Some people, especially on Social Media, have to respond on everything you post on your own timeline. They simply can't help themselves it seems. But they seem to forget it is my own timeline; I can and will post and say what I want. If you don't want to read it, simply don't read it or unfollow me. It is quite simple really. You can also sit on your hand for awhile before commenting, that helps too. It makes you think before you speak/write.
A few day ago I wrote something about an article and some people thought I should do this or I should think differently or I was envious perhaps... Maybe I should...
They seem to forget that I am the least envious person there is! I can say I would love to do this or that, but that doesn't mean I would deny others from doing so, or be jealous of them. Or bent over backwords to get it working my arse off. I am a very happy person which doesn't mean I can't have dreams of my own.

Social media is a great thing; I have so many friends through social media. I know it is a public thing, and when you write something it is out in the open for everyone to comment but when people start to control your life or interfere in your life they are the ones that need to take a step back and think about what the hell they are doing? It is not nice advice anymore; it is interfering in something they know nothing about! They don't walk in my shoes, live my life do they? Once they do, then they can comment...

to be continued I guess.

© KH

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Music on Sunday; Of Kings and Crowns

Every Sunday I participate in ShakespeareSunday on Twitter as perhaps many of you already know. I love Shakespeare! The Hollow Crown series about the War of the Roses, which happens to be my favourite historical period, has its 5th anniversary already so for this occasion today's theme is;
Kings and Crowns. Enjoy!

© KH

Friday, 23 June 2017

Art on Friday; Summer landscapes

It's Summer and although this week has been an extremely hot week already I must admit it's not my most favourite season, but there are a lot of lovely paintings with a summer theme. Today summer in landscape paintings;

Louis Aston Knight - Summer Morning

Karoly Telepy-Landscape with Brook and Walking People

Peder Mork Monsted-the Red Umbrella

Asher Brown Durand- Summer Afternoon

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek- View of Königstein on the Elbe

Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn-Dutch summer landscape

© KH

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Global Warming

We are running out of time, we must have a planetary solution to a planetary crisis. 
                                                            All Gore 

There's a heatwave in Europe at the moment with temperatures way above 30 degrees Celsius. Summer hasn't even started yet. Global warming deniers can deny all they want but all the forest fires, heatwaves, or even the extreme hailstorms like last week in Greece with hailstones as big as golfballs are all caused by Global Warming. Even the severe tropical storms in some countries and the melting of the Artic ice. It's unbelievable Trump and his mates in the White house are still denying Climate change due to Global Warming when the facts are all there.

Here are 35 facts about Global Warming:

Fact 1: Global warming is the result of increase in the earth’s average surface temperature due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. These gases are required for the presence of human life on earth. However, global warming is happening due to over-emittance of these gases.

Fact 2: Emissions like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and other greenhouses gases will remain in the atmosphere for many years making impossible to eliminate global warming for several decades.

Fact 3: According to IPCC 2007 report, sea levels will rise by 7-23 inches by the end of this century due to global warming.

Fact 4: Since 1880, the average temperature has risen by 1.4-Fahrenheit degrees.

Fact 5: The last two decades of the 20th century have been hottest in the last 400 years, according to climate studies.

Fact 6: The Arctic is one of the worst places to be effected by global warming.

Fact 7: According to the multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report compiled between 2000 and 2004, the average temperature in Alaska, Western Canada and Russia have risen at twice the global average.

Fact 8: The Arctic ice is melting rapidly. By 2040 the region is expected to have a completely ice free summer, or even earlier.

Fact 9: The Montana Glacier National Park has only 25 glaciers instead of 150 that were there in the year 1910.

Fact 10: Due to global warming and pollution, coral reefs are suffering the worst bleaching with the highest dying record since 1980.

Fact 11: Global warming that is causing extreme weather changes has shown it implications in the way of forest fires, heat waves and severe tropical storms throughout the world.

Fact 12: There has been a tremendous increase of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane nitrous oxide and especially greenhouse gases due to polluting substances emitted as a result of dindustrialization, pollution, deforestation.

Fact 13: Humans are emitting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, faster than the absorbing rates of plants and the oceans.

Fact 14: Sea levels have risen about 7 inches in the in the last 100 years, which is more than the previous 2000 years combined. The rising sea levels due to global warming could threaten the lives of people living along the coastal areas.

Fact 15: Around 100 million people live with 3 feet of sea level and many cities of the world are located near such vulnerable coastal areas.

Fact 16: Melting of glaciers will cause sea levels to rise on one hand and water shortages in areas that depend on natural sources of water.

Fact 17: More than 1 million species have become extinct due to disappearing habitats, ecosystems acidic oceans all caused due to global warming.

Fact 18: The global warming will completely alter the ocean’s conveyer belt which will cause a mini ice age in the Europe.

Fact 19: Increasing temperatures will release more greenhouse gases, unlock methane, and cause more evaporation of water.

Fact 20: 200o-2009 has been the hottest decade periods of the earth.

Fact 21: The rate at which carbon dioxide is being dumped in to the environment is 1000 tons per second until the 2011 records.

Fact 22: The carbon dioxide levels in the 20th century have been highest in 650,000 years. Till 1950, the levels rose by 11% and recently the levels have risen by 40%.

Fact 23: Due to industrial revolution, the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas started on a massive scale. This not only increased greenhouse gases but was also responsible for large scale deaths due to asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Fact 24: Human activities release around 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Fact 25: Since the industrial revolution in 1700, the level of carbon dioxide on earth has increased by 34%.

Fact 26: By year 2100, the average temperature will rise by 5.8 degrees as a result of global warming.

Fact 27: Each year of the 21st century ranks amongst 14 hottest years since 1880.

Fact 28: In the last 30 years, the average consumption of fossil fuel by United States has been 80%. Fossil fuels are the most dangerous contributors to global warming.

Fact 29: Between 2000-2100, the heat related deaths will rise by 150,000.

Fact 30: Global warming is causing the colder areas of the world to become more hot, thereby becoming more vulnerable to diseases.

Fact 31: A failure in preventing global warming can cause a major economic collapse causing 20% of global domestic output to fix.

Fact 32: Droughts, hurricanes, wildfires, extinction on endangered species, melting of polar ice caps, storms are few of the effects of global warming.

Fact 33: The NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) proposed the Clean Air Act to cut power plant emissions by 26 percent in the next 7 years.

Fact 34: The heat trapping gases have been increasing in the atmosphere at an alarming rate. The presence of large number of these gases has resulted in enhanced greenhouse effect. Heat waves caused by global warming is responsible for many heat related illness and deaths.

Fact 35: Global warming can lead to massive food and water shortages and has a life threatening impact on the wildlife.

If these fact don't scare the men and women in charge I don't know what will.
Time to make a drastic change! 

© KH

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Music on Sunday; Father's day

It's that time of year again where it's Father's day without my dad. Just another Sunday, but still...
So for today, songs about missing dads, missing your dad and so on... Happy Father's day.

© KH

Friday, 16 June 2017

Art on Friday; Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev is a masterful oil painter of theatrical figurative composition, fantasy, landscapes, and still life. While his professional art training occurred in Russia, as an artist Victor is a student of rich and diverse experiences. Inspiration for Victor’s art comes from all he sees and touches. It can be Greek mythology, Russian folklore, childhood memories, great Masters of the past, or routine daily life.

Park in St. Petersburg


Lady Justice

Soft Landing

When pigs fly


Circle of Time



© KH

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Muziek op Zondag; Klassiek

Gewoon omdat ik zin heb in rustige klassieke muziek, ook een beetje omdat ik dat van de week in Amsterdam nog gehoord heb eigenlijk in diverse gedeeltes van de stad; Wat diverse rustgevende klassieke muziek voor mijn laatste vakantiedag, even lekker genieten.

Ogen dicht en geniet,

Fijne zondag.

een van mijn favoriete moderne componisten; Max Richter. Zijn muziek kan me tot tranen toe beroeren;

© KH

Friday, 9 June 2017

Art on Friday; Flower Fairies

Since their first publication in 1923, Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies have enchanted both adults and children alike around the world. The botanically accurate drawings in the 170 original illustrations, coupled with the enchanting fairy images based on real children from Cicely’s sister’s nursery school, appeal to our innate sense of magic and wonder.

Originally accompanied by a poem or verse dedicated to the individual Flower Fairy the charming characters and detailed artwork have also been translated into fiction for young readers as well as the New York Times bestselling Fairyopolis series. 

Here are some of them; 

and one of my favourites with a Shakespeare quote; 

© KH

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wednesday Wisdom; Human Rights

The fact that Prime Minister Theresa May might change the Human Rights law in the UK got me 'slightly' concerned. Hopefully it worried a lot of voters too and they will choose wisely in the upcoming UK elections. 
Human Rights are basic rights not to be tampered with. 

© KH

Monday, 5 June 2017

Changing expectations

 “If you can’t change the circumstances, change your perspective.” ~Unknown

Sometimes it feels as if you are completely in control of your life, but when it comes to relationships there’s always the other person.
Especially when you're in a second relationship where you so want things to be different than in the first one. You feel in control but are you?
How often have you wanted a relationship to be something that it was not? 
Try being in a relationship where your partner has any form of autism. Their mood can change t anytime so sometimes you feel like walking on eggshells when really it shouldn't be like this at all. Or it wasn't what you imagined your second relationship to be. But to be honest; is it ever? We always make things more exciting in our heads, better. 

Sure the love is there but with someone with autism you have to do the extra steps necessary to make it really work. It's not that your loved one is able to understand the things you take for granted. They don't come natural to them, they have to be taught. You can teach them from a young age on but if they never learned those things it is even  more difficult.

Sometimes I find it hard when he is getting angry over nothing but recently I found out it is a reaction on my own reactions. If I am getting worked up over something he is getting even more worked up, if one of my sons are reacting angry, he will get even more angry or agitated. 
Action - reaction it seems. 

So how much can I expect of him? How high are/were my own expectations in the first place? Am I that perfect all the time? Is he taking me for who I am? 
Answers; my expectations are often too high; I'm not perfect; He is taking me as I am! 
To go further than that; he respects me, he wants to do everything for me and my boys, he does his part in household tasks, etc. So what is bothering me? The different social behavior? The reactions he can't control? I don't know, but what I do know is that he loves me, he doesn't take me for granted and  he wants to grow old with me... 

Isn't that what we all want in the end? 
So why what am I whining about... 
*tries to change expectations* 

© KH

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Music on Sunday; One World,One Human Race

We live in scary times, in a world filled with anxious people waiting for that moment when terrorist attacks happen near where they live. This morning when I woke up I read the news on my phone about yet another attack on innocent civillians in London. The last one in the UK only two weeks ago. My first thought was; Thank heavens my niece is back home from London and then I thought about all those scared people who weren't home at the time it happened.

We Europeans are a strange people, or should I say tough people. We have known our hardships during our history, we have been there so to say. What ever they are bringing, we always come out stronger because whatever happens; we won't let 'them' get to us. We won't give in, we won't give up, we won't give up our daily lives because of fear or anxiety. We are more united than ever.

Isis or Al Quada or whoever is behind all this may think they've got us, but it's just the opposite. You won't! We will take in the people you have scared away from your own countries, just out of human kindness because we believe in the essence of humanity. In kindness, in helping our fellow humans. We don't care if you're black, white, brown, gay, straight, Muslim, Catholic, Jew or whatever, you are most of all human! We are one! One world, one race, the human race. And if we don't help each other, learn to get along, the whole world is doomed anyway. So stop this shit and learn to get along! For your own good as well as the world's...

Some wisdom from some musicians on this day to help us;

© KH