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Wie was u ook al weer?

De laatste tijd ben ik zo ontzettend vergeetachtig! Ik vergeet wat ik wilde zeggen terwijl ik het zeg, ik haal namen door elkaar, zelfs die van mijn eigen kinderen en ik heb er maar twee! Ik vergeet wat ik ook weer moest doen of halen, ik vergeet verjaardagen (dank je wel Facebook!) Zo kan ik nog wel een tijdje doorgaan.
Omdat ik met ouderen werk ga je al snel denken aan dementie (ook wel dementie light gekscherend hier in huis genoemd). Ik wed als ik naar de dokter zou gaan dat hij het onder het kopje 'stress' zal gooien, net als alle andere kwalen en kwaaltjes die ik krijg. (last van gewrichten/heupen, jeuk over mijn hele lijf, droge huid/hoofdhuid etc) Maar daar heb je al je antwoord eigenlijk.... al die kwaaltjes... Ik ben tenslotte al 10 jaar in de overgang, bijna 50 en er nog láng niet vanaf!

Schuif het maar weer op de overgang denk ik wel eens maar even Googlen en je ziet zo een waslijst aan kwalen die wij vrouwen in de overgang krijgen (kunnen krijgen) . Ik schijn alles…

Music on Sunday; Gone too soon

We all know about the 'imfamous' club of 27, famous people who died at 27 but there are more musicians who died at a relatively young age. Only friday we learned that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden has committed suicide age 52. 
So for today an ode to some of those (not all, they are with so many) who made us smile when times were rough, who helped us through though times and made our lives better with their music. 
He was best know from Soundgarden but I liked Audioslave too; 

I was not even 3 months old when this legend died in a plane crash, only 26 years old!

One of the club of 27, what a voice;

My mum was a huge fan in her teens but I came to love and appreciate his music later on as well, he died at 42;

Only discovered them later on after Paul Young covered one of their songs, lead singer Ian Curtis hung himself age 23;

Oh the Gibb brothers... they have been in my teen room for a long time, on posters above my bed, on my record player.... It's a tragedy, Andy being th…

Quotes and Pics 283; Chinese philopsophers

© KH

Art on Friday; Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo-Self-Portrait with Bonito

Painter Frida Kahlo was a Mexican self-portrait artist who was married to Diego Rivera and is still admired as a feminist icon.
Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in Coyocoán, Mexico City, Mexico. Considered one of Mexico's greatest artists, Frida Kahlo began painting after she was severely injured in a bus accident. Kahlo later became politically active and married fellow communist artist Diego Rivera in 1929. She exhibited her paintings in Paris and Mexico before her death in 1954.

Read more on Kahlo's life here
The Love Embrace of the Universe,the Earth,Myself,Diego and Senor Xolotl
What I saw in the water
The wounded table
The broken column
Explanations of the art can be found here
© KH

Wednesday Wisdom; Okay

Er zijn van die dagen dat je het gevoel hebt; nu even niet.... dan wil je gewoon even helemaal niks, maar dan is er een drukke week met veel werken en veel gedoe en eigenlijk wil je gewoon rust aan je kop. De laatste weken werk ik zoveel dat ik op het punt ben van; Nu ... even ... niet!

Vandaar; het is okay om niet altijd okay te zijn. Waarom altijd maar die schijn ophouden nietwaar? Nergens goed voor. Dus vandaag op mijn enige vrije dag (ook al moet ik vanmiddag weer vergaderen) even tijd voor mezelf... en dan wordt het ook nog eens 28 graden... pfff...
Not okay!

© KH

Music on Sunday; Strong Women

Usually I'm not that into female singers/musicians but for today (Mother's Day) here's some my favourite female singers who I also think are very strong women and who have lifted me up during though times; Enjoy.

I know I always use this song of Dido, but it's honestly one of my favourites, if not the favourite... plus it helps me everytime;

I just can't sit still whenever I hear this song:

Chills all over...

I adore this song and Stevie Nicks;

Who doesn't love Adele? What isn't to love? Gorgeous music, strong woman, funny too;

Perhaps Nina is an acquired taste, at least I got to like her music later on in my life;

Same can be said for Janis;

Sadly gone too soon, such a wonderful voice;

© KH

Quotes and Pics 282; I am Strong

© KH

Art on Friday; Diversity

Since this is Eurovision week I thought I'd see how in art the Diversity theme is being shown. So for today paintings that show diversity;

Anupam Pal -Conversation2  
Dr. Odita - In Unity There is Strength
Harsh Malik-Cultural Diversity
Color Hands Diversity
Angelia Thompson-Celebrate Diversity
Oswaldo Guayasamín- Diversity Hands
© KH

Wednesday Wisdom; Diversity

It is Eurovision week again and this year's theme is diversity. Yesterday the first semi-final, thursday the second semi-final and on saturday the final. With all the European countries (and even non-European lately) joining they needed to do it like this.

Eurovision started in may 1956 with only 7 countries joining. It was meant to bring European countries together after the war. In the beginning the countries were only allowed to sing in their native language.
The end of the Cold War led to an increase of joining countries with the former Eastern Bloc queing up to sign in for competing. Now even Australia joined the party, meant as a one off but appearently they're here to stay. Australia have the biggest fans of Eurovision so it seems.
Nowadays with Social Media it's become more fun watching and commenting at the same time I think. It still is one crazy thing, but it's Eurovision, it's becoming more crazy each year!

© KH

Three things I am grateful for

The writer's blog has kicked in again so I'm searching for inspiring prompts. I have found some sites where different prompts are highlighted but not all are 'my cup of tea'. Perhaps because they are to sweet for my taste or 'it's a sign' I should work on those. Who knows, but for now, the one I'm picking today is:

Three things I am most grateful for:

1. My family. Perhaps a bit corny but each day I am more grateful for still having my mum (73). This also includes my dog (15) Age counts of course that's why I'm naming them first but it also includes my hub, kids and sis. I'm especially grateful for my sis who is always there for me.

2. The place which I call home. I love my home and garden with all the birds coming to visit every day. My birch tree, my fern, hydrangeas and all the other plants. I love my little corner in the world.

3. I may complain some days about my work (who doesn't) but I am very grateful to be able to go to my elder…

Music on Sunday; Fatigue

Voorjaarsmoeheid in Dutch; Spring Fatigue in English. Exhaustion, tiredness, I don't care how you call it, I have it. More people are complaining about it around me about being tired. So today songs about exhaustion, seemed fitting. Happy Sunday!

© KH

Quotes and Pics 281; Freedom

© KH

Art on Friday; Gothic art/Early Renaissance

The term "Gothic style" refers to the style of European architecture, sculpture (and minor arts) which linked medieval Romanesque art with the Early Renaissance. The period is divided into Early Gothic (1150-1250), High Gothic (1250-1375), and International Gothic (1375-1450). Primarily a public form of Christian art, it flourished initially in the Ile de France and surrounding region in the period 1150-1250, and then spread throughout northern Europe.

Its main form of expression was architecture - exemplified by the great Gothic cathedrals of Northern France. For the two main decorative styles, please see Rayonnant Gothic Architecture (c.1200-1350) and the later Flamboyant Gothic Architecture (1375-1500). The finest examples of Gothic design include: Chartres Cathedral (1194-1250); Notre-Dame Cathedral (1163-1345); Sainte Chapelle (1241-48); and Cologne Cathedral (from 1248); as well as the cathedrals of Canterbury, Winchester, Westminster Abbey and Santiago de Compostela. I…

Wednesday Wisdom; Remembrance Day

Here in the Netherlands we have Remembrance Day tomorrow and Liberation Day the next.
On the 4th of May on the eve of May 5th the day we celebrate the Netherlands was free from WWII we remember all the people who died during the War but lately we also remember the people who died fighting in other countries like Irak or Afghanistan. From 18.00 pm till 20.30 pm the Dutch flag is half-mast and at 20.00 pm everyone has 2 minutes of silence.
At the Dam in Amsterdam the King and Queen, ministers,veterans and others are putting a wreath of flowers in honour of the fallen. 

The other day some people said they also want to include the refugees in the remebrance who drowned fleeing to Europe. Of course there is a lot of adversary against the idea.
Rembering the thousands of refugees is a good thing, but I don't think it's a wise idea to mix both of them up. This Rembrance Day should be only for the victims of the war. It should remind us that we should never allow it to happen again. In …